Posted by: liv | September 1, 2010

Staycation at the Omni

So last weekend, Shawn and I had a staycation down at the Omni in downtown San Diego.  For what reason you ask?…well, the Omni is the only hotel in DT SD that has a bridge that connects to Petco Park for games.  Those who have certain seats, and/or are Omni guests are allowed to enter Petco Park via the bridge…Omni guests ONLY are allowed back.  We wanted to try it out.  (You might think that’s a horribly stupid reason to pay a lot of money for a weekend at a hotel in a town you already live in, but that’s ok, we don’t care).

We also tried out some amenities around the hotel while we were there and ate at some of our favorite (and some new) places.

To start, our room was fantastic.  A king size (very comfortable) bed with a view of downtown (not the Convention Center) on the 18th floor.  The bathroom was beautiful and enormous.  One issue we had with the room was the television was an old school boob tube.  Come on Omni, it’s THE OMNI, GET A FLAT SCREEN.  The hotel gym (which I actually used despite being on a mini vacation) was a little small, but at 8am, managed to hold the perfect amount of people for certain exercise machines.  They have tvs on the treadmills and water and towels for the guests.  The pool on the 6th floor is an outdoor pool, and there is also a hot tub.  It gives you a view of the Convention Center as well as the water that leads to Coronado.  The pool in nice.  It was packed so we didn’t get lawn chairs, but we sat at a table and ate off the menu (hello bacon hot dog).

The use of the bridge was cool, I stood on it for a little while to soak it all in.  We went up an escalator to the bridge, and there was the gate to the field, where our tickets were taken.  On our way back, they check everyone for room keys to make sure they’re a guest there.  I was really excited to flash my key.  (I really am a dork).  I was also really pissed because we lost for the second time that weekend to the Philadelphia Phillies.  (ugh).

We ate at 3 restaurants and one dessert place.  The Strip Club, Basic, Chocolat Cremerie, and the Old Spaghetti Factory.  The Strip Club had a Padres game happy hour, which included your choice of 3 steaks, salad, and a garlic bread for $10.  NICE.  Chocolat Cremerie satisfied my daily need for dessert, we got some gelato and split a crepe with strawberries and Nutella.  It was GREAT.  Basic is where we got the mashed potato and bacon white pizza.  OMG, whoever invented that is a genius.  Old Spaghetti Factory was surprisingly not as good as I had thought.  The last time I went to one was in Hawaii.  The OSF here in SD closed down and reopened last year, so I was really excited, but we were a bit let down by our dinner.  Ah well, can’t win’em all.

Sunday came really fast despite how long our weekend felt.  We came home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle Monday.  It was also a bonus that we still had an entire Sunday to kill once we got home too.  Here are a few pictures of our trip!

Our view

Our room


The bridge!

Pizza from Basic!

The game

The pool

It was actually my first “staycation” and I definitely enjoyed it.  It’s nice to just go somewhere that isn’t your place sometimes.  Try it.


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