Posted by: liv | September 1, 2010

Green Fights Breast Cancer

Because a couple of times, I ran the Race For The Cure in Balboa Park here in San Diego, they send me e-newsletters.  In this one, it said:

“Tote pink to Make Change
It’s pink, it’s floral and it’s been designed keeping in mind friends and family members whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. This new re-usable tote / grocery Pink Zinnia bag has been designed by Green World Bags to aptly capture the essence of those powerful and courageous women who fought breast cancer.  And to give it just that much more of a meaning, Green World Bags will donate five percent of each bag’s online sales revenue to the San Diego affiliate of Susan G Komen for the Cure®. Check out the colorful bags.”

{image from}

Well that is COOL.  I love being green (or trying to) and I love PINK.  But something other than that bag caught my eye…

{image from}

LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags and snack bags. The site says they are:

  • certified food-safe in US and Europe
  • Hand sewn in USA
  • dishwasher-safe
  • quick-drying cotton fabric
  • replaces hundreds of plastic baggies
  • lead-free, bpa-free, and phthalate-free

This is going on my wishlist so fast (especially since I bring my lunch to work a lot)…I also encourage you to get the pink tote and support breast cancer research, but also, these little reusable bags are so cute!


  1. Yes. I’ve seen it before, it’s quite cute but you can only put dry foods in it. Other than that, you need to use other containers to pack foods that has an added liquid such as soup. But don’t worry, I have a lunch container suggestion. You can try a stainless steel container for your lunches. Using this type of container, you won’t have to endure difficult times in repacking and stacking of foods because it is made just for you. It has 100% BPA free, eco-friendly, durable and safe to use. Moreover, stacking soup, beverages, juices in it isn’t a problem. In general, it’s really good! I believe that you’ll love it too! 😉

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