Posted by: liv | August 26, 2010

Dancing with WHO?

I’m getting really really pissed.  I love watching Dancing With The Stars, but if ANY of the rumors are true, they are putting together the most infuriating cast of idiots I’ve ever seen.  Mainly:

-The Situation from Jersey Shore (I haven’t watched a single episode, I dislike these people so much.  GET RID OF THE SHOW.)

Jon Gosselin

Audrina Patridge (ok, she doesn’t seem as frustrating lately, but I just dislike anyone from The Hills)

and now Bristol Palin ?!?!?

…good God DWTS, 4 of the people who I want OFF tv are rumored to be on your show.  Come on, why would you do that?  If any of those people are on the show, I’m officially boycotting the season.  I don’t care if we happen to lose The Situation first, I’m not turning on the stupid show until next season.  You better have a good cast.  Ugh….

Sorry Brandy, I really wanted to watch you…and maybe David Hasselhoff



  1. It is very strange that even with the success of the show they can’t get better “celebs.”

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