Posted by: liv | August 17, 2010

Five Guys

Yesterday, I read that Five Guys was named Best Burger by the Zagat survey.  Five Guys started in Arlington, VA.  (My mom says I went to the original one once in 1988…why would I remember that?)  I can’t really recall that experience, so a few years back, when I went to the location at Tysons Corner, I kind of treated that experience as my first real experience.  It is gooood.  Their fries and burgers are fresh, their fries are low cholesterol and made from real potatoes.  You can get whatever toppings you want all for free (I don’t really know which other places actually charge you, but Five Guys makes a point of mentioning they’re free).  Because it wasn’t a nationwide chain until a few years back, I thought I’d only be able to get Five Guys when I visit VA.

Nope, not anymore…

If you are in San Diego and want to go to Five Guys, go here:

2445 Truxtun Road
San Diego, CA 92106


Naval Air Station North Island Bldg. 2017
San Diego, CA 92135


To celebrate their victory and my second Five Guys visit in my lifetime, I went to the Pt. Loma location last night.  I may be calorie counting, but I will spoil myself here when the time comes.

Now being a current California girl, don’t think I will turn my back on In-N-Out.  I still love it.  (And Hodad’s)…I’m just saying, that Five Guys is also on the list whenever I’m craving a burger.


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