Posted by: liv | August 10, 2010

Making Green Sexy {Or At Least Practical}

While I am not at a point where I can make being Green fully practical, I have at least been trying to incorporate some of it into my life.  Namely 2 items:

1-Reusable bags

{image from}

2-Reusable (plastic/steel/whatever) waterbottles:

{image from}

We do recycle in our household as well.  If I ever got the chance to grow a vegetable garden, compost, and do whatever else I could, I would.  In the meantime, this is the best way I can do it.  The reusable bags are amazing because they’re strong.  I carry them over my shoulders, and most stores give you club points or small refunds (like 5 cents) for using them.  I also stop creating a huge, annoying pile of plastic bags that I eventually take back to the store for recycling anyways.  I will get some when I need trash bags though.  The reusable waterbottle is also nice just because I am trying to reduce the plastic footprint and storing pallets of waterbottles at home is just a pain in the ass.

I’ve been keeping up with this website lately…it’s called Green Is Sexy.  It’s a site run by 3 girls who love being green.  One of those girls happens to be Rachel McAdams.

{image from}

Rachel McAdams…(one of my girl crushes), who was in such notable movies as The Notebook, Mean Girls, and The Wedding Crashers, apparently loves being green and does all kinds of greeny type things while living in Canada.  I found the website probably even more fun because she helps write it.  The site gives all kinds of tips for how to save energy, water, recycling, etc.  If you are looking to greenify your place or life, check this site out.


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