Posted by: liv | August 10, 2010

Covert Affairs

The last spy show with a female lead I got really into (so into that I barely talked to anyone while I was Netflixing the crap out of it) was Alias.  Jennifer Garner was the ultimate badass and I enjoyed the crap out of that show.  Well, now USA network seems to be trying to jumpstart my interests with Covert Affairs:

What do you think?  This is Piper Perabo we’re talking about…the girl from Coyote Ugly…a fun movie, but not the best display of acting ability.  Piper, I hope you can bring it!




While I’m on the subject of USA network, I also just caught a few episodes of Burn Notice and that show is EXCELLENT.  They came to play I guess.



  1. I actually am intrigued by the storyline of Covert Affairs and Christopher Gorham makes the show so worthwhile. On the subject of usa shows – you should definately check out Psych – it’s hilarious!

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