Posted by: liv | August 5, 2010

Calorie Counting is a Gateway Drug

Well, not in a bad way, but probably in an OCD way.  Since my last post about starting to count calories, it has blossomed into measuring out my portions in a cup.

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It has been most educational and depressing at the same time.  Last night, I was measuring how much dry pasta I could make into 3 servings (one for me, one for Shawn, and one for leftovers), then immediately pacing around my kitchen putting in my servings into my Calorie Counter app on my phone…this is not pretty.  I also realized that eating what I believe to be one “olivia-bowl” of cereal is actually 7 servings of cereal.  I am a little nervous of the direction this is going…but for now, it’s going in the direction of me-measuring-my-food-in-a-diet-kinda-way path.

But I suppose I should get in shape anyways.  This website says that a woman my height (5’5″) and medium frame should be 127-141 lbs.  I am actually a little above that range…so to lose a few pounds to put me back in the middle is fine.  With all my new workouts starting and now measuring out my food so that my Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) is not too high, this should be easy.  I’ll be updating you on my progress, don’t worry about that!

Day 1 was a few days ago.  I’ll let you know that I was at 147 when I started this whole thing…(I can’t believe I told you!)



  1. I can recommend the calorie counter of
    it’s very trustable.

    oh yeah, there’s also (nutrition tracker)

  2. Whenever we made pasta we always ended up with way too much, so I started using my kitchen scale to weigh it before cooking. I don’t obsess over it, but it can be eye-opening as to how much a serving actually is versus how much you think it is.

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