Posted by: liv | August 3, 2010

Back in the {Workout} Saddle Again…

I am not back in the saddle with working out.  I fell off for a good long while, but with tri-training underway, I am already committed to working out at least 3 days a week…but since there are 7, I have figured out what to do the other 2-3 days (I am certainly NOT working out 7 days a week).

3 Days of tri-training

1 Day of Softball (joined a friend’s softball league…oh boy…I am scared…)

1 Day of Yoga (I was really bummed to have dropped out of yoga, but I am making an effort to get back in it, so I will have to get up early to go!)

1 (possible) day of Barry’s Bootcamp (I still have classes leftover to use!  and when Jenny is fully up and running, I’m sure we’ll end up back here once a week again)

phew…here we go!….


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