Posted by: liv | July 30, 2010

Meetup – FitPass San Diego

I got an email from (a site where groups of people with a variety of interests “meetup” to talk/participate in whatever).  It was for a thing called FitPass Network of San Diego.  I haven’t had a chance to join this yet because of Triathlon training, but when I get around to it, I might actually consider doing this (honestly, I haven’t joined anything from meetup, but I keep my options open regardless).  You can pop over to their website and check it out.

The reason I am keeping this around for after tri-training is because of how it operates.  You get to take your card to ANY place listed in their network.  How nice would it feel to not be bound to a single gym?  I get to go to anywhere that suits my schedule or location!  Depending on what you do, it could end up being totally worthit.  I like to go to places like Barry’s Bootcamp, any yoga studio, pilates, and if I can weight train in a gym, then sure!  They operate on a three-tiered plan based on how many points you need.

I think their current selection is still small, but definitely incorporates majority of the places I’d like to go.  Just FYI.


  1. do u have a twitter

    • Nope, but I am debating getting one….maybe in a few months? 🙂

  2. Hi Liv,

    I am glad that you like what we got going on. We are the only one’s in the country doing something like this. And it is one of the ideas that…. you just say duh. Why hasn’t it always been this way. Shoot my an email and I will let you try it out free. 🙂

    FitPass Network

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