Posted by: liv | July 29, 2010

In The Heights – Review

Last night, I went to see In The Heights at the SD Civic Theater. (ha, I have been backlogged about reviewing shows, I probably have more I can think of too!)  It was a semi-last minute buy off the San Diego Reader Steals website.

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It is about this guy named Usnavi who owns a bodega in the Washington Heights area of New York.  He has friends, his “abuela” (spanish for grandmother, although she wasn’t his biological grandmother, she was like his grandmother), and dreams for something bigger.  This show was also about several other people too including Nina Rosario, who came back from her first year at Stanford kinda lost, Benny, who works for Nina’s parents and dreams of having his own business, Vanessa, who dreams of leaving the barrio and moving downtown, and a slew of others living “in the heights.”  (A lot of people in this place have dreams).

Overall, I really liked this show.  It probably would’ve helped me if I knew more Spanish, but you don’t really need to be fluent to understand the main point of what everyone is saying.  There is some Latino and hip hop flare, dance, and some rap.  The guy who played Usnavi was really good!  I recommended it.


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