Posted by: liv | July 29, 2010

Avenue Q – Review

A few weeks ago, I went to see Avenue Q here at the SD Civic Theater.  I heard such good things about it and heard it was like a dirty Sesame Street type thing with puppets (though they make sure to let you know they have NOTHING to do with Sesame Street or anything related to it).

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It followed Princeton and his new life on Avenue Q after graduating with his B.A. degree.  He has a wide variety of friends on his new block including Kate Monster, Rod, Nicky, Brian, Christmas Eve, and Gary Coleman (yes, they parodied a character of Gary Coleman).  He was searching for a purpose in life and had some experiences along the way.

It was HILARIOUS.  A true dirty-minded, adult, puppet musical.  It had me laughing pretty much the entire time.  With songs like “Everyone’s a little bit racist” and “It sucks to be me,” I couldn’t stop laughing.  If it ever happens to tour in your town, definitely check it out…also, it’s incredibly inappropriate for kids, so leave them at home and have a great sense of humor!



  1. i watched a documentary on showtime about the broadway season that Avenue Q and Wicked, etc. came out. Avenue Q looked hilarious! cant wait to see it

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