Posted by: liv | July 28, 2010

Summer Update

Remember a while ago when I said what I’d be doing this summer?  Here is my update:

1-The fair: I did NOT get to go 😦  I had dental issues that freaked me out about my teeth and eating crap, so I bailed.  I didn’t even really have time to go until the last week before the dental stuff happened.  (Still haven’t posted details about that, but will soon)

2-The racetrack: I got a groupon (link is for reference, you can’t purchase it anymore) for admission to the racetrack!  I am busy nailing down a day to go.

3-Cleaning: a great success.  I posted about it here.

4-Final Fantasy: I will try to get to it again soon.  Been so busy!  Might have to put it under “Fall plans.”

5-Tri-training: I actually started yesterday.  My first class/seminar/training was in the water in Mission Bay.  I SUCKED.  I have a lot of work to do before October.

And I also went to my friend’s wedding back in Virginia and it was awesome.  Will post about that later!

Also, San Diego has been cloudy again.  People here are really starting to get concerned.

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