Posted by: liv | July 17, 2010

Fat and Back Indeed

One morning, The Happiness Project interviewed Adam Gilbert of My Body Tutor, which prompted me to forget about the interview altogether and go poking around on My Body Tutor to read their blog.  One post in particular prompted me to forget about My Body Tutor (I get sidetracked easily) and go to various articles about Fat and Back.

In 2009, this Australian trainer/model called PJ James decided to purposely gain weight to better empathize with his clients and how they feel.  He ended up gaining 88lbs in 6 months by not exercising and eating lots of junk food.



{pics from here}

He ended up really really empathizing with them a lot.  He felt sluggish and tired.  He taught his classes but never participated in them.  He napped between classes.  I felt tired just reading how he felt tired.  Starting July 2009, he began his journey to lose the weight.  He wanted to start slowly and progressively like how he would help his clients.  He documented his entire journey on his website, Fat and Back.  He has videos posted on youtube as well.  It’s crazy.  I just thought I’d share this with you.  He’s already lost all the weight considering this is mid-2010.  Here.

According to his twitter, he’s in the final stages of editing right now so I can’t wait to rent this and find out what the heck happened!!!!


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