Posted by: liv | July 10, 2010

Chill San Diego, Chill…

San Diego has been freaking out this week because it’s the middle of July and we’re experiencing cloudy cold weather (not horribly cold, but definitely not warm like it should be).  The marine layer has taken over and everyone is too cold and wearing *gasp* pants.

Events like San Diego’s annual Over The Line (OTL) tournament will be cold this year.  I can’t even remember if the booze ban made it to OTL, but if it did, it will be sober and cold.  Sorry dudes.

July 4th/Independence day was also met with some clouds too.  Most of the fireworks still managed to give San Diego a show, but the enjoyable weather was nowhere to be found.

A few days ago, the news reported that the marine layer will burn off and we might finally see some sun today.  Currently, it’s 8:35 in the morning so no sign of it yet, but I hope that it’ll be ok!  I feel bad for the out-of-town visitors.

Come on clouds, I like you but it’s July!  Even Seattle has great weather!  We need to see this!



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