Posted by: liv | July 6, 2010

Crap-Pile is Removed!

Haha, if you haven’t been reading up on my Decluttering Mission posts, you probably think the crap-pile is something completely different.  For me, the crap-pile is the pile of stuff (in hindsight, maybe I should’ve called it Stuff-pile) from my apartment that had magically accumulated throughout the years from roommates leaving it when they moved out, from when Shawn moved in and brought his life with him, and from the fact that sometimes I’m a packrat (well after this, I’m going to say recovering packrat).  We’re talking years of stuff.  I finally went through a majority of my apartment and started getting rid of stuff I have never seen and didn’t need, didn’t use, didn’t wear…it was a ridiculously long process.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

and a few parts that were never posted.

This morning, Shawn put out the entire crap-pile on the patio for Salvation Army to come pick up.  I have never felt so light in my entire life.  All that is left is to get some broken electronics to an e-recycling event (which I can’t believe I still have more considering I dropped off some stuff 2 weeks ago!) and decide what to do with a few things I listed on craigslist.  I hope I never accumulate so much stuff ever again…



  1. kudos to you liv!!! (and shawn too)….i wish i could do that, im such a pack rat!

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