Posted by: liv | June 29, 2010

Decluttering Mission 3 – The Kitchen

At this point, I may have just thrown my “Unclutter You Life in 1 Week” book out the window because I don’t remember what the chapter told me to clean next, but my 2 biggest targets have been the kitchen and the garage.

When Shawn first moved in, we had to sit around and figure out who got to keep their kitchen things and who had to forfeit theirs to Salvation Army.  We kept a couple things just because neither of us were willing to budge.  How lame.  Lucky (I mean LUCKY) for us, we have an enormous kitchen and so much storage space that it’s not a huge deal.  But it’s been a couple years and there is really no point in being stubborn about that anymore.

Another factor that can make it slightly difficult is the fact that we have roommates too, so we can’t just use the space willy-nilly now.  We have to make sure that our roommates have space for their stuff too.  I also need to make sure that I haven’t thrown away any of their stuff too.  GAH.  We’ve had roommates that never did much cooking, so we’ve been a little lucky, but you never know.  Either way, I just want the stuff GONE.

So I started going through every cabinet we have, and now we have crap-pile #2 (some stuff was there before and not from the kitchen, see what I mean about how much stuff we have?!?!)…

Then I moved mine and Shawn’s food to split between 2 cabinets because we have a growing food collection now that we are cooking more often.  There is tons of stuff from when Shawn was eating gluten-free (he’s out of that now, another story for another day), so I need to do something with all that….anyways, it feels like there is more room to breathe for our food now.

Up next, the garage!


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