Posted by: liv | June 28, 2010

New Clothing Sites and Jewelry

There have been a slew of new sites coming my way for pretty things to look at!  Not that I have the means to really buy any of them at the moment, they are still great to get inspiration and just to have fun pretend-shopping.  Some require you to be a member to look at their stuff, so it’s up to you if you really want to make a login for that.



Rent The Runway (Think Netflix for dresses)

The Outnet


Shabby Apple

Stella & Dot

and of course JessLC!

Lately I have been super into dresses (bonus points if your awesome dress has pockets).  I love staring at fancy ones, even though the only 3 I own are mostly Old Navy.  As for expanding my wardrobe (most people know that I am just a jeans and t-shirt girl…or that I wear sweats pretty much as often as I can get away with it), I have started following suit with a few trends like those flower-graphic tees, those belts that go around your mid-section that help accent a dress or sweater, more stylish sandals, and it can only go on from there…

I have also bought some new jewelry from Kohl’s (can anyone tell that this girl is c-h-e-a-p?)

(Total cost: about $30)

Man, I love shopping…..


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