Posted by: liv | June 25, 2010

The Search For KalbiQ and the Food Truck Craze

A while back, I heard about how in LA (that’s Los Angeles and not Louisiana), and in NY (yeah, you know that one), there was a crazy Food Truck (or Roach Coach to others) craze where the really good ones were Twittering their locations and people were such fans of their food that they’d practically drive to anywhere to go eat at it.  I don’t know any of them in particular, but that is just what I heard.

Fast forward to a couple days ago (Monday), Shawn, Jenny, and I were driving to Starbucks to get our evening pick-me-up.  (Not quite Trafficbucks, more like “whatup-bucks”).  We passed by this food truck called Kalbi-q and thought “oh cool!” but didn’t go there that night.  The Food Truck craze is finally hitting San Diego!  We found their twitter account and decided that we’d try it later that week.  Wednesday rolls around, there was no tweet all day!  Crap. strike 1!  Thursday, we go to the designated spot about 40 minutes late, they are not there.  Crap!  Strike 2!!!  Today, we finally succeeded!


Short rib burrito, taco, and 2 spicy pork tacos

There were actually about 20 or so people waiting when we arrived.  The truck arrived shortly thereafter.  We found it hilarious, yet awesome that this truck has such a fanbase.  Everything is in socal-style food (burritos, tacos, rice bowls, and fries)…(btw, when I say fries, in SoCal, think nachos, but replace the chips with fries…there, let’s continue) but substitute the carne asada or chicken with korean meat.  We split a large burrito and had a taco each (the third one was for another friend).  It was pretty good!  Jenny and said we’d definitely come back to find the truck again.  We want to try the fries next.

After some Facebook research, I found there are tons of Food Trucks.  You can “like” them individually, but there is a page that helps compile all the info together.  Here you go.  Now that I am going to be part of this food truck craze too, I am saddened that I might really need a twitter account…..



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