Posted by: liv | June 21, 2010

Summer Plans

Here are a few things I plan to get done this summer:

1-The San Diego Fair (formally called The Del Mar fair) is back in town.  It’s 22 days of expensive fair rides/food and lots of fun.  They have performances and this year, I might be able to get to one.  I don’t know if you remember my last post about being in Seattle and missing this fair, but a fair is a fair, and this one is one of my favorites.  Deep-fried food this year includes deep friend Klondike Bars, Butter (yeah, you read Butter), Pop Tarts, Avocados…ohmygod, bring on the 10lbs!

2-Once the fair is over, we will be getting back to business with the Del Mar Horse Racing at the same place as the fair.  Time to get my betting on!  “Where the turf meets the surf…down at old Del Mar…” (sorry, you’ll see what I mean in a second)

3-I am also heading back to VA to go to a friend’s wedding!  I am pretty pumped.  It also gives me a chance to visit some family and friends.  I am also taking Shawn here.

4-Cleaning…haha, you remember my spring cleaning/decluttering mission posts?  Well it’s still happening and we’re definitely making a dent into summer.  My crap-pile has gotten bigger.  My garage looks cleaner though because Shawn cleaned a lot of it up, I’ll show you guys soon in a future post because I still have some boxes left to go through.

5-If I can, I really really need to continue and finish Final Fantasy 13.  Good god, I miss RPG’s (nerd alert).

UPDATE- 6- (OMG DUH), I forgot to mention tri-training!!!!  I have acquired a suit and goggles, a bike helmet, and now I need to get a mountain bike (cheap option for such a short, flat course), and a wetsuit.  Once I have those, I’ll be ready to train!!!  I also need to get back into a running habit.  This is killing me.

I will update you on these 5 6 things.  Don’t worry!


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