Posted by: liv | June 16, 2010

Forgotten Reader Stars: Part I

So I started adding all the blogs I follow to my Google Reader (all those links to the right, yeah those), and while I’m still refusing to “buzz” them, I starred a few of my favorites so that I would remember to post them here on my blog because they are cool/cute as all hell.  Let’s get started:

Oh Happy Day!’s DIY Birthday Surprise in The Mail – This is the coolest freaking idea for a birthday gift I have ever seen in my life!

Style Me Pretty’s DIY Ice Cream in a Jar – I love ice cream (Shawn would vouch for that).  This idea made me happy.

Apartment Therapy’s display of cool-ass looking stairways

Apartment Therapy also showing this cool toothpick sculpture

Ok, that was not as many stars as I thought…oh well, until next time!

UPDATE: Well.  There may not be a next time.  I figured out how to display my google reader page so you can see some of my favorite posts that other people make.  Oh my god, this is going to be trouble!!!

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