Posted by: liv | June 15, 2010

The Story of Toothy McGee

One of my friends, about a month ago, was diagnosed with having a dermoid cyst on one of her ovaries.  This is the type of cyst that can grow hair, muscles and even teeth!  (Yuck!)  We named it Toothy McGee because of the fact that it can possibly grow teeth and it sounded funny, so the name stuck.

How is happened was that she noticed some pain in her abdominal area and went to have that checked out.  When we found out it was this cyst, her only choice was to have it surgically removed.  There are a couple ways you can have it removed.  An invasive way (large incision) or a non-invasive way (a couple smaller incisions).  Depending on how the doctor views your eligibility for either one is dependent on the doctor.

She had it removed recently and is recovering well.  We will miss Toothy for the jokes we made about it, but we want our friend healthy.  Toothy is funny as a joke, but the basis of what is behind Toothy is no joke at all.

Anyways, none of us knew that things like this could exist.  So I just thought I’d bring it up to you so in case you feel something near your ovarian area, you might consider getting that checked out.  There are several types of them.  Some cases happen with children, while others happen on their face (or both combined), and some happen on the ovary, like my friend’s.

Here is a nasty picture of what one can look like (ready?):

But I like to think of it as looking kinda like this (aka, the less threatening image):

Here are a few links if you want to learn more about them:


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