Posted by: liv | June 12, 2010

A Lesson In Washer/Dryer Combos

A couple years ago, we bought a used LG Washer/Dryer combo off of craigslist.  It was hardly used and apparently the prior owners only had it for a year (brand new) before we bought it off of them.  We paid (what felt like) a pretty penny, but compared to the original price, it was basically a steal and now we had the power of a washer/dryer all in one machine!

It worked like a charm.  We were able to put the laundry in before bed or before work, then wake up/come home to clean laundry, all without having to stay at home because you have to keep switching machines.  Because it’s one machine, it takes up less space in our garage (not that we don’t have tons of space, but just an observation).  That is not to say that it was the perfect machine, it had one noticeable drawback in that sometimes our clothes came out a little more wrinkled than before, but since we’re t-shirt people, that didn’t bother us as much (jeans are a pain though).

Well a few months ago, it clogged up and left our clothes soaking in water.  Shawn managed to figure out a way to drain the water and unclog some stuff that was clogged, and all was good in the world until last month, when it did it again.  We figured we should just call someone to come handle it.  The LG customer service lady was pretty nice, she gave me a phone number of an authorized repairman to come fix it (only 2 in the San Diego area).  Well the one that I picked no-showed on me.  (Here is my review of them on google).  Our poor machine has been sitting around for a month and not gotten fixed.  We are already loathing this machine that we decided now to just have it recycled, and are currently looking for a decent used washer and dryer.  We may lose some space with two machines, but at least the options for repairing it are plentiful.

Sorry buddy, you gotta go!  You will be missed.

Oh right…my lesson…the lesson is that no matter how pretty/trendy something is, it sucks to try and maintain it and it’s best to stick with something simpler.  I hope we learned something 🙂


  1. You’re definitely leaving a smaller footprint on available resources when you opt for a washer dryer combo.

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