Posted by: liv | June 9, 2010


This is my new term (I have a thing for making up words).  It defines the act of me going to Starbucks with Jenny because she and a Starbucks are on my way home at the worst point in traffic that I run into during my commute home.  We get to sit and chat while traffic dies down.  Then I go home less road-ragey.  It’s the perfect commute home.

How to have your own Trafficbucks?  Follow these easy steps:

1-Identify a friend and Starbucks (ok, it doesn’t HAVE to be a Starbucks, but it would make the term more applicable, if you need your own coffee shop, identify that) that is at a convenient freeway exit/place on your way home.

2-Have access to the internet and a website for your local traffic report (for us Socal people, I use sigalert).

3-Check traffic report before you leave for home.  If traffic is bad, call your friend from step 1 and say “let’s go to Starbucks” (or whatever your coffeeshop is).

4-Go get friend and head to Starbucks/coffee shop (or meet there).

5-Chill and chat, when traffic dies down, go home.

Disclaimer: if you love your wallet, don’t make a routine of Trafficbucks.  Only go when the traffic truly sucks.


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