Posted by: liv | June 7, 2010

Petco Park Tour!

Well it took some time, but I finally got my Petco Park tour done with Shawn.  🙂  The San Diego Padres did this Holiday 4-pack thing last year where you pay a certain amount of money and you are given 4 games (including the home opener) and a tour.  We’ve been to 2 games so far and have 2 more to go.  We finally got our tour done this past weekend!  It was fun.  We weren’t sure if we’d get to go on the field, but well, you’ll see…

View from the Press Box

Shawn in the Dugout

Us on the Field!

It was a good time.  I didn’t exactly “learn” much of anything except that I need to be loaded in order to afford the best seats and all the privileges they come with.  Either way, it was fun.  Neither Shawn or I have ever been on the field before so it was one of the coolest experiences we could have.  Shawn is already researching Season ticket options for next season.  Oh lordy….

One interesting thing I did learn was that if you’re a season ticket holder, they’re more than willing to let you take your engagement pictures there.  For instance, these people.  (Go figure that THAT is the only useful piece of information that I’d come back with)…


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