Posted by: liv | June 4, 2010

My Sweet Date at Lamont Street Grill

Today, for a variety of reasons, I was feeling mentally “meh.”  I was complaining to Shawn a little bit, then later I said he was in charge of dinner because in my “meh” state of mind, I was in no mood to be thinking of what to make for dinner.  Within practically seven seconds of informing Shawn of what he’d be doing tonight, he responded rather quickly with “Ok, I got it.”  That was rather quick.  So upon coming home from work, I ruined my own surprise about where we’d be going, but it’s ok, I was rather happy when I learned where we’d be going.

We were going to Lamont Street Grill.


Lamont Street Grill is this little corner restaurant.  It is known as a hidden gem in Pacific Beach.  It’s been in the back of my mind since a friend told me that is where her now-husband told her they went on their first date.  I pass by it but I seldom remember that it’s there when I want to go to a fancy dinner.  Lucky for me, Shawn has remembered and he took me there to make me feel better.  (Aw, what a sweet guy).

Since I’ve been meaning to come here for like 4ish years, I was so excited.  It was an excellent night.  We scored an outside table next to the fireplace and the heater so we were able to enjoy the night sky, and cool outside weather balance by the heat. We enjoyed a bottle of white wine, and ordered an almond crusted shrimp with oriental sauce as an appetizer.  We both had butter lettuce salads with vinaigrette dressing.  For dinner, I got a seed covered tuna with a sauce (can’t remember but it was good) and potato and veggies.  Shawn got a chicken stuffed with sausage.  When the bill arrived, so did two chocolate covered strawberries.  It was a really nice way to unwind after my personally, mentally exhausting day.

I wish I had pics to share, but I don’t.  There are some pics of the place on the website to give you an idea of what the place looks like.  Here are the Yelp reviews too.  (FYI, if you are an Entertainment Card holder, they have a deal there…how very Asian of me to remind you).

I feel much better.  I owe that to Shawn tonight.  Thank you honey!  🙂


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