Posted by: liv | May 22, 2010

Sandal Season

Shawn and Jenny say that my wardrobe is entirely predictable.  The minute I go to a specific shirt/tank/pants/whatever at a store and show it to them, they yell “I knew you would pick that!”…ouch.  I’m normally a plain shirt and jeans and flip flops kind of girl.  So lately, I’ve done my best to change it up.  The one place I have been making the most change is shoes (well, tshirts, but that is for another post)…and I have been really opening up to different shoe styles.  Mostly, sandals.

Here are pics of my latest babies that I acquired within the last couple months:

Steve Madden Spiin Sandals

Mine are in Platinum color even though his color is really cute.  I got mine at Macy’s.  (Coupons for the win).

Bibi from Shoedazzle

While I’m not a fan of Kim K, I am a fan of this service.  For those are you who aren’t familiar with Shoedazzle, it is like a shoe subscription service.  You fill out a “style profile” and at the beginning of every month, you are sent some options for shoes and should you decide you want a pair, you pick it and you pay 39.95 flat for your shoes, every month.  If you don’t want it, then you just skip the month and wait to see if you have better luck the next month.  I have pretty good luck with this service.  I’ve bought at least 4 pairs since I signed up and have been happy with them all (well one, I tried to “break in” but it didn’t want to because of my wide-ish feet, -sad face-).  Anyways, Bibi above is my latest shoe and I love her.  If you sign up, tell them I referred you please!!!!! 🙂

Finally, we have these:

Crocs Capri Suede flip flops

Ok, those are flip flops, but I’m telling you, they’re really cute and comfortable!!!!  I loathe (sorry Crocs, but I really do) the gardening shoes looking ones (though I understand the arguments I’ve heard for why some people wear them), but I am open to these.  So open that I did buy them in Santa Monica, and I wear them all the time!  If you have a problem with “wearing Crocs because they are Crocs” (trust me, I had that too), then don’t worry because if you wear these with jeans, they cover the name anyways, no one would know unless you told them!

So between these guys and what I still own and won’t throw out for a while longer, I am all set for summer!

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