Posted by: liv | May 18, 2010

Kicking Off Summer With Justin Beiber (and some others…)

On Friday, Jenny and I went to the Channel 933 (aka 93.3 radio station) Summer Kick Off Concert.  We figured that for around $35ish (our cheap seats), we could spare a Friday night and go to Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula Vista see some great pop/R&B artists.  On tap for that night were:



Jason Derulo




Usher (the headliner/final performer)

and this little nugget of a guy (this is not my video, but either way, you might want to plug your ears):

I doubt anyone really cared about the other artists, who were pretty good.  98% of people were there for Mister Justin Beiber, who I found out the other day became famous off Youtube and hails from the great country of Canada, eh.  Every time his name was even mentioned, the venue erupted in screams and cheers.  I’m familiar with his singles on the radio, but I don’t know his album.  He sang some songs I never heard of, but they were good.  This girl apparently won a chance to sit on stage with him, and Justin gave her flowers, I heard some girl behind me squeal “OH MY GOD, I HATE HER”…fans are so crazy.  Not only were some crazy, there were girls of ALL ages there.

Jenny and I had a great time regardless.  We pretty much enjoyed everyone…Ke$ha was not that great live, but was entertaining nonetheless.  Usher had an amazing (and hella sexual) set.  It was a really fun Friday.


  1. sounds like a fun concert to go to with all those artists! brian has the beiber fever….its nuts. was jason derulo good? what about akon…im in vienna right now and i just found out they re-named nissan pavillion to jiffy lube live. LAME

    • I only know the other artists by their singles, they were good, not great. I was worried for Akon because of his last performances and that lawsuit with the “throwing the girl off the stage”, but he did ok. Some of the guys enjoyed ripping off their shirts. Not Justin.

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