Posted by: liv | May 9, 2010

Decluttering Mission 2: My Bathroom

Mission 2: throw out all expired/unused things in your bathroom and organize everything into how you need it.

Ok, it’s sad cause these are all really ongoing missions (I still have some parts left in my closet to organize and I need to redo my linen/cleaning products closet), but my main goal was my sink area.  I had a looooooot of stuff on it including this stupid little blue crate I have had since I was carrying my shampoos in my college dorm.  I have cleared out majority of what I didn’t need and moved my hair-related products and some others to the drawers next to my sink.  (I did nothing for Shawn.  Cleaning is his mission, Decluttering is mine).

My Half of the Sink Counter

My Hair and Other Product Drawers

My cabinet under my sink has some girly products.  I doubt you need to see a picture of that….

Also, here is a picture of my closet since I have dumped a bunch of clothes into the pile of my Mission 1 post.

The other half still has some crates and stuff that need to be looked through.  (This is why it’s ongoing).  Still, this is probably the best progress I have made in a while.  Onto chapter 3!…



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