Posted by: liv | May 7, 2010

Iron Girl + Chelsea + Mother’s Day

What a crazy weekend I (and I’m sure tons of other people) will have.  Saturday is the Aflac Iron girl event in Del Mar.  I have run this event before (I forgot how I heard about it), and originally I didn’t like it because you start and end on the actual racetrack in Del Mar and running on a racetrack SUCKS.  That track is certainly easy on horses’ feet, but not mine.  Well, this year we start/end on the track again, but less of the course is on that, so I’m ok to run it again.  I have friends running both the 5k and the 10k.  I am doing the 5k myself because I haven’t been very good about running as of late, so 3.1 miles is good enough for me.  (In fact, when I do the triathlon this fall, I only have to run 3.1 miles.  So thank goodness for that!)

Then Saturday night, I’ll be at the Chelsea Handler “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” tour!  Yay.  I almost didn’t go to this because I was trying to pick between this show and the Norah Jones concert at Spreckles.  I never made it to the concert (sad face), but Jenny’s friends had tickets and I decided to get one.  I heard she has a book signing that night too.  Guess where…

Then Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!  My mother is not in this state, but is coming in later this month.  Sounds like she’ll be getting a delayed meal as a treat.  What are you guys doing for mother’s day?


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