Posted by: liv | May 5, 2010

“You can buy a second book…”

I am so annoyed, so this is the perfect time to complain on the internet, right?

I have been pumped for like 2 weeks to go to this book signing for Sam the Cooking Guy at Warwicks.  (He had one the week before at Barnes & Noble in Mira Mesa, but I couldn’t go cause I had a prior engagement).  I had his book ordered off Amazon and I love it.

So today, I get to La Jolla, which is apparently under construction, so it took me a while to get parked, and I go over there and see this decent size group waiting outside.  I walk in and peek at some book tables, and then walk out, I caught Sam walking out from the back of the store and was really excited, but didn’t want to act like an idiot fan, so I walked out and waited with the crowd.  I stand around for a minute, when I notice people have this ticket things in their books so I walk in and ask the man about a ticket.  The conversation is as follows:

Me: “uh, excuse me, do I need a ticket?”

Clerk:”Oh, would you like to buy a book?”

Me:”No, I already have a book.”

Clerk: “Oh, you have to buy the book here in order to get it signed”

Me (staring for a second): “Really??”

Clerk: “Yeah, you can buy a second book and get that signed…”

Me: “I don’t need a second book”

Clerk:” Sorry about that…” (then she shuffles to finish moving shelves and stuff)

I left super confused and pissed. I have never been to book signings before, but I assume that I shouldn’t be required to buy my book there in order to get it signed.  I thought that my buying the book in the first place would be good enough to get it signed.  I don’t know or really think this is Sam’s fault, but I am so pissed with Warwicks.  I have never bought books from there before, but I know I will never go to buy a book from them ever.  Ugh…DON’T GO TO WARWICKS EVERYONE!!!

I feel better…a little….

UPDATE: (05/07/10) That night, I commented on Sam’s Facebook about it.  He responded back with a small apology.  It doesn’t get me a signed book, but I definitely appreciated his time in doing that.  Thanks Sam, we’re still cool!



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