Posted by: liv | May 2, 2010

Gowns Donated and Chapter 2 Read

So Star 94.1 Gown Town accepted my dresses.  I was nervous for a minute that they wouldn’t take it cause they were bridesmaid dresses.  Honestly, they’re good dresses though so to turn it down would be stupid, so in the end, I’m glad they took it.

So Chapter 2 of my “Declutter Your Life in 1 Week” book has been read (well, mostly read, they keep doing Office things and my office desk is small so it’s always organized, so I skip that part) and it turns out my next mission is my bathroom.  Lucky for me, I am still working on my closet and my closet and bathroom are in the same room!!!  In general, my bathroom isn’t all bad, but I do have some things that can stand to be tossed and reorganized.  I got a head start a while back by space-bagging some stuff, but I know I can’t just space-bag everything.  😛

I’ll post a picture once it is done!

In other news, our stupid washer/dryer combo machine is acting up.  I hope the repairman I called comes to fix it soon…



  1. Hi there, Glad to hear that Space Bag is helping you combat clutter around your house…sounds like you’re on a mission! Just wanted to let you know that if you’d like to share your story on our online community, Space Savers, you’ll have the opportunity to win free Space Bag products. Feel free to use the contact us form at if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Space Savers community corespondent

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