Posted by: liv | April 29, 2010

Team Coco Tonight

Tonight, at the San Diego Civic Theater, I will be in my seat at 8pm promptly (or earlier if I can help it!) to see Conan O’Brien during his “The Legally Prohibited To Be Funny On Television” tour.  I totally am a Team Coco supporter.  I thought that Jay should’ve just manned up and either not given up the show for however long he needed it or manned up and told them to not cancel his show….OR manned up and let his show get canceled and retire with his huge collection of awesome cars and motorcycles and have a great life.  But no…he didn’t do that.  He gave Conan the shaft and now Conan will be doing his tour, which I will be at tonight!!!!

I also heard that he’s allowed to come back to tv (not host, but be on it) so he’ll be on this Sunday (May 2) on 60 minutes.

Then you probably all know that he’ll be the lead in to George Lopez this fall on TBS.

He also makes me want to get a twitter account, but I’m not quite there yet…

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