Posted by: liv | April 28, 2010

The Biggest Loser + Me = Volunteering at Feeding America

So I HAVE to credit the show The Biggest Loser because last weekend, I started volunteering at Feeding America.  We happen to have one here in San Diego so I signed up as a volunteer at their warehouse.  I picked this sorting station, where we unpacked boxes of random food and sorted it into boxes, threw out the bad ones, and then moved the boxes to a conveyer belt to go to whoever was at the second station.

They run volunteer events about 3 times a week.  For now, I am aiming for 1 shift a month and when I have more time, I will try to bump it to 2 shifts.  I had an excellent time.  The people I volunteered with are really nice.  I am not sure I’ll work with the same people every time, but that’s ok.

Anyways, I fanned (“liked?”…seriously Facebook, not my fav choice) Feeding America on Facebook and today they posted on their blog about where the nearest donation areas are.  So I am posting it 🙂  HERE YOU GO!

Also, I think that haters of the show can go away and shut their mouths.  Sure, it’s a little unorthodox in how they do it, but there is a medical staff around and experienced trainers.  People argue that it’s unhealthy, well who are you people?  Are you like the contestants or are you a normal sized person?  I would agree that going on a reality show to get help is kind of a REALLY last resort kind of thing, but I guess if that is where you need to go because you don’t have the strength to do it at home, then do it.  The show has inspired more than it’s hurt.  Obesity is a pretty disgusting problem in America.  How about instead of people hating on the show, they stop putting their foot in their mouths and go help at a health-related program or something?  (Ok, I am done ranting…)



  1. Thank you for volunteering and for this post! Good luck with your efforts!

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