Posted by: liv | April 28, 2010

Gown Town – Help Out Some High School Girls

I might be “jumping the shark” by posting this now, but on Friday (because I have no time tomorrow and I need to get ready to go out after I post this tonight) I am going to try and take some old (bridesmaid) dresses to this place in Carmel Mountain called Gown Town.  It’s basically a place where you take old gowns so that this Saturday, hundreds (thousands?) of San Diego high school girls can come get a FREE dress for their high school prom.  The assumption is that these girls cannot afford their own dress so they pick from thousands of donated dresses and wear that to their prom 🙂  I like this idea.  My bridesmaid dresses are nice.  I hope they are accepted (which is what I’m worried about).  It will help me in my mission to clean out my closet!  It is also being set up by the radio station whose morning show is the only thing I listen to every day at 7am when my alarm goes blaring (Star 94.1).

Here is the info on it if any of you are in the San Diego area and want to donate.  Are any other areas in the world doing this?


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