Posted by: liv | April 26, 2010

My Gross Story BTW

I feel like it’s become a daily thing and not just a random thing that occurred and scared the living crap out of me…but a few weeks ago, I ended up getting a Staph Infection.  First it started as a little zit-looking thing on my back.  I have a baaaad habit of scratching or picking at things like that, so of course, karma bit me in the butt (well, my back) and that sucker manifested into a crazy, gross open sore with pus and kinda that white-head looking stuff too!!!!  After a few days, when it got bigger and not better, I called the dermatologist in a frantic tone and got shoved into their schedule within the hour.  They said it looked like staph, and gave me antibiotics and took a culture sample for the lab.  I started my antibiotics that morning, and kept my area clean and bandaged all week.  Lucky for me, it got a hell of a lot better by the next week.  It’s like 97% better now.  I’ve continued with the ointment and bandages and I’ve been done with my antibiotics for over a week.  I had to skip innertube water polo for a few week 😦  but it’s better than having that sucker exposed and grossing people out or even infecting someone else!!!

Now Staph comes in several forms.  The not-as-dangerous kind (like I had) or the bad kind that can kill you (i.e. MSRA).  I feel pretty fortunate to not have the latter kind.  But either way, if you google either kind, it is GROSS.  STAY CLEAN EVERYONE!!!

Here is a link in case you wanted to educate yourself:


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  2. I hope that will be the last you see of staph. Our family had the same gross infections for a year and a half. We finally had to make some drastic diet changes and were able to get rid of it.

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