Posted by: liv | April 20, 2010

Off The Wagon, But On Another One…

I have seriously fallen off the wagon in this world of Working Out.  It’s ticking me off, but then again, I’ve been really busy so when I get the time to have an evening to just come home and relax, I TAKE IT!

On average the past few weeks, I’ve only run once a week and one weekend I did my bootcamp class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Hillcrest…but it’s just not enough.  To top that off, I had gotten groupon-happy and have my Barry’s Bootcamp and also one for Bootcamp 619 that I have yet to redeem…so I’ll have to get on that too.

But even with accidentally being this lazy, I have slowly working my way to the decluttering wagon.  I have been setting up piles of things to start getting rid of on a table, but now I’m doing one step better and getting rid of the table to my friend!  That at least frees up some floorspace to sort out more things.  Things are moving on this wagon!

Gah, I need to balance my wagons!


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