Posted by: liv | April 14, 2010

Baseball Season 2010 Has Started…

Aside from some Spring Training games that Shawn got to watch, we’re finally getting started with MLB this year.  As I sit and write this, we’re watching the Padres 2nd home game of the season versus the Atlanta Braves on tv.  Shawn is back to his usual yelling at the tv.  (He’s pretty darn vocal, especially when plays don’t go his way.)   Not only that, he has a baseball application on his Droid and watches both screens all night.

We did manage to catch the home opener in person on Monday.  We creamed the Braves 17-2.  10 innings were scored in inning 4 alone!  I ate a $6 ballpark cupcake, and Petco Park execs apparently listened to a bunch of people say they need Gluten Free options, so we found the ONLY stand in the entire ballpark that was gluten-free (probably 1 as a trial stand).  The menu was as follows:

Hot dogs


Veggies and Hummus (I don’t really know what veggies)

1 brand of Gluten Free beer


bottled water

Shawn thought the hot dogs were pretty good.  Nice work Petco 🙂

There are months left of baseball.  Oh man…we’ll see what I can handle.  I’m usually good about it, but I know I’ll want to change the channel to something else really fast after a while.


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