Posted by: liv | March 28, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona Review

The time has come and gone, Shawn and I went to Phoenix, Arizona for our birthday trip!  Now Phoenix (according to everyone) is a hot place with nothing to do.  I guess if you’re a sporty kind of couple (or a girl who can adjust to sports well for her sporty boyfriend), then there are definitely things to do there.  There were 3-4 main goals of this trip:

1-See the Phoenix Suns game

2-See the San Diego Padres Spring Training game

3-Go eat dinner at Trader Vic’s in Scottsdale

4-RELAX!!!  (But this is implied right?  So that is why it’s 3-4’ish)

We arrived in Phoenix mid-day Friday and checked into our hotel in Downtown Phoenix within the hour.  We were situated at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix.  Just across the street from the Convention Center, other shops, restaurants, and whatnot.  Our hotel was really nice.  I enjoyed the lobby decor the most.

We spent the afternoon walking around this little shopping center 2 blocks away and eating at this Tex-Mex/New Mexican cuisine place called Sam’s Cafe.  It was good.  We chilled at the hotel until it was time to catch our Phoenix Suns game against the New York Knicks.  Our hotel was a good 4 minute walk away from US Airways Arena.  The game was fun and exciting, minus the super creepy Ronald McDonald that was sitting behind Shawn for a couple minutes.  The Suns had a victory.  Awesome.

We catch a late dinner at Steve’s Greenhouse Grill that happened to have “unsolicited entertainment” aka a street musician, who turned out to be really good, and then call it a night.

The next day is another relaxing day.  We drove north to Peoria to catch the Padres Spring Training game against the Cincinnati Reds.  We ate lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ, which was excellent, but Shawn refuses to believe that any other BBQ place can be as good as Phil’s BBQ here in SD.  I usually lean towards BBQ chicken instead of the ribs though, so he tried that and was willing to accept FD’s BBQ chicken victory over Phil’s.  The game itself was great!  We won in the bottom of the 9th just after the Reds had tied the game up 2-2.  Double sports victory for us!  (Only because the home teams won.  We’re not actually Suns fans).

After the game, we came back to the hotel to kick it in the hot tub for an hour before getting ready for dinner…um…let me just say that 12ish kids in the hot tub (regardless of parental supervision) is just not cool.  I thought kids under 14 aren’t even supposed to be in there?  Pool->hot tub->pool->hot tub, holy moly, pick a place and stick with it!  1-2 kids I can handle.  12, not-so-much.  We stuck it out and managed to end up with 15 minutes of peace, but the hot tub wasn’t even that hot, so we took off to get ready for dinner.

Now for our 3rd goal of eating at Trader Vic’s…this was a personal goal for me.  My grandfather used to work as a chef for Trader Vic’s in St. Louis(…which isn’t there anymore) many many many years ago.  In fact, when I told my mom I was visiting there for dinner, she told me that the Scottsdale, AZ location is where he trained before he took up his position in St. Louis.  The closest location to me is actually in LA but I don’t visit LA very often and Scottsdale is not far from Phoenix at all so it was kind of fated that we go (oh, and they had a GROUPON).  Our meal was excellent!  After talking with a worker there, we found out this location wasn’t the original location because they moved from the original Scottsdale location to the current location 4 years ago.  That part kind of bummed us out, but all in all, we were happy with our visit.

This morning, with all our missions completed, we packed up and returned to SD.  Now we’re back and really not interested in getting back to reality, but who is after a vacation?  I’ve already started thinking of places to go next year, but man…gotta wait till next year to find out what that decision is!



  1. is trader vic’s polynesian food or just in decor?

  2. they have some polynesian food, but some just appears to be fancy expensive food. shawn’s dinner was macadamia nut encrusted mahi mahi, so some meals have hawaiian touches to it.

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