Posted by: liv | March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning Info From Chilly

Chilly, you are smart and so nice to watch out for us all!  You have no idea how bad I need to spring clean…

(Here is an email from Chilly about things you can do with some of your old books or electronics if you’re in a downsizing kind of mood):

“so i was reading this msn article about spring cleaning and garage sales… the article listed two websites i found interesting:


these websites will buy your books from you or your electronics – even if your old ipod is broken, etc!

so if you have any old books, or old digital cameras, ipods, etc – this may be helpful in getting you some more cash than you would from a garage sale!

here is the article:,1691944

Thanks for the references 🙂  I’m going to look into all of this because I have so much stuff to get rid of.  Not so much stuff that I need my own episode of Hoarders, but enough…



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