Posted by: liv | February 18, 2010

Where Did My Downtime Go?!?!?!

As I sit here, wishing I was asleep, but instead, doing the total opposite and waiting for The Tester to download on the PlayStation Network (PSN) so I can watch it, I realized that I have time to blog and not really much to say.  I am pretty sure it’s because my brain is fried.  Fried from what?  Well thanks for asking…

1-The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver…holy bejeesus, I did not expect to pay this much attention because I’m more of a summer Olympics fan, but this year, I just decided to go balls out and watch more than I could before.  The person who invented DVR is a genius because we are getting through it pretty fast, but still going to bed very late.  I’m glad it’s not for much longer, these late bedtimes are killing me.

2-Classes at Lululemon and soccer on Thursdays…my game tonight was at 9:30pm…for real, why are games that late?!

2a-Lululemon held this class one day called the Lulu Luau and it was FUN.  It was for a company called Hula Moves which does Polynesian cardio.  It was hella fun.  My calves were sore for 2 days afterward.  I need to find the time to get to her classes more.  We can add that to my never ending to-do list.

3-Dragging Shawn (finally) to see the movie Valentine’s Day.  Wow, that movie did much better than I thought!  Parts were somewhat predictable (or weren’t as clear until about 5 minutes before they happened), but someone should coach Taylor Swift better.  I LOVE Taylor Swift, but I did not love her acting in this movie.  She did a better job on Saturday Night Live than this movie…shame on you acting coaches.

4-I have also acquired a stack of magazines that includes Money Magazine, Glamour, Game Informer, plus a few catalogs, and I also have 3 Nintendo DS games to play including 2 Final Fantasies and Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth to play.

I’ll see you guys in May.

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