Posted by: liv | January 28, 2010

Road Trip Flashback: Day 3

Hm…it’s exactly as it says.  I mean…what else can you really write about Kansas? 😛


August 12, 2004

Day 3: The Drive…part II

So today was the second really long driving day. We drove from St. Louis to Denver. On the way we made a quick stop off the highway in KC and took some pics down by Arrowhead and the baseball stadiums. Then we made a pit stop in Kansas City, KN for lunch. After that it was time to hit the road again and bust through the long state of Kansas (man talk about a whole lot of nothing). The roads are very long, very straight, and have a lot of cops. That took about 6.5 hrs I think. We had initially planned to stop in Limon, CO and stay the night there (100 miles outside of Denver), since today was just a driving day and no sightseeing. But at the Colorado welcome center, Liv and I decided to just go ahead and haul ass and get into Denver instead. Which makes it easier for us tomorrow since we won’t have to drive far to start our day. Plus the speed limits in CO are 75 on the highways (in the outskirts). Anyhow, we finally made it into town and are staying in the Hampton Inn in Aurora (just next to the city). Went to some restaurant called Hops Bar and Grill to get some grub and how it’s time to hit the sack. Man these are some long days…


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