Posted by: liv | January 28, 2010

2010 Birthday Trip Is Booked!

Last year, Shawn and I went on a trip to Vancouver, BC (aka Canada) for our joint birthday celebration.  It was actually the first year we’ve decided to do that because 1-we were in a long distance relationship and it was a good weekend to visit, 2-it just makes sense to celebrate together, and 3-when would we ever have a chance to go to Canada if I wasn’t already 2 hours away from it?  This year, we’re at it again.  The magic destination is…



Hahaha.  I know, really?  Phoenix?  Well, the reason for that is that Shawn and I are San Diego Padres fans, and because Spring Training takes place in Peoria, AZ, we thought we’d stay in Phoenix for the weekend and catch a game and since we’ve never been to a Spring Training game, we thought it’d be fun to go.  We also managed to nab tickets to a Phoenix Suns basketball game while we’re at it.  Other than those 2 games, I don’t think there will be much else going on except maybe hot-tubbing it in our nice hotel and looking for a great place to eat 4-5 meals that weekend.

Stay tuned for the review after we return from that!  (Not till sometime in March).



  1. liv! arizona is going to be fun!!

  2. […] It doesn’t even stop there!  This week, Shawn and I are going to see Kooza (Cirque du Soleil) in Del Mar and next week, we’re going to Phoenix! […]

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