Posted by: liv | January 24, 2010

Half Marathon Complete!

The Carlsbad Marathon has come finally and I managed to complete it in 2 hours and 33 minutes!  Holy Crap, I am tired.

Jenny and I before the race

I kept my cell phone with me and managed to snap a nice picture during my run.

My view during the run

Overall, I did pretty well despite all the walking I did.  Seriously, I was so tired!  Even the smallest hills kill me, but I am extremely happy with my results.  I’m not sure if I will keep going with the running thing, I’m considering doing other forms of working out now and limiting running to 1 day a week, but maybe I’ll consider doing another half marathon some other time.  I am 70% sure I don’t want to run a full considering how I felt after today.

Still happy though 🙂



  1. so proud of you Liv!

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