Posted by: liv | January 22, 2010

Road Trip Flashback: Day 2

Hahahaa…”The Lou” (to quote the rapper Nelly…”I’m from the Lou and I’m proud!”)…This is funny because this is where my family grew up, but I personally didn’t grow up here very long considering we left this town when I was 1 year old.  We’ve visited many times since then.  Anyways, here was our 1 day stint here:


August 11, 2004

Day 2: The Lou

Well today we did a tour of the entire Lou (St Louis) in one day. Most of it was drive by sightseeing so it was rather quick. This is where I was born and lived until I was 8, so I have many childhood memories here. First thing was to go by the cemetery to pay our respects to my grandparents and uncles. After that we got to drive by our old house and check out the neighborhood. It looks pretty ghetto these days as I see that St Ann is getting pretty run down. Even the McDonalds we used to go to every Sunday after church is now closed down. Pretty sad. Then we drove around the different suburbs and saw all the rich people’s houses. Some of them are so damn big. Even got their own private roads so you can only see them from the major roads. Then we drove downtown to see the Arch. Didn’t take too long there as I have seen it many times and rode to the top before. But it was nice to see it again. Drove by the Anheuser Busch headquarters and the hospital where I was born. Also went by the church my parents got married in. Stopped by a few more small sights and then we went to watch “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”. That wasn’t a bad movie. Some funny stuff parts. Of course this gave us the craving for White Castle, so we stopped by there afterwards and I got some dinner. Yum. So it was a pretty busy day and a big trip down memory lane. But it was cool. Tomorrow is another long driving day as we are going to trek into Denver……


White Castle is the bomb!  Someone very much so needs to open a White Castle in SoCal.  I would appreciate it very much!!!

My aunt and uncle still live here.  We haven’t been back to St. Louis since that day, but I think when I can, I will take Shawn back so we can catch a Cardinals game and I can take him around.  I might have my aunt and uncle also give him the 1-day car tour. 🙂


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