Posted by: liv | January 21, 2010

Road Trip Flashback: Day 1

So I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but in the summer of 2004 is when my bro and I moved out to San Diego together.  Both of us looking for a new change in life because we were tired of our East Coast lives.  He kept a short blog about our road trip.  He gave me the link so I could see what he wrote.  To tell you the truth, I remember the gist of our trip but not the specifics.  It was a great time.  Here is his day 1 post.  (I’ll show some pics once I collect them from him!)


August 10, 2004

Day 1: The adventure begins….The Drive Part I

So 6am bright and early the adventure begins. Livvy and I packed up the car yesterday and this morning we took off from Vienna to head to St. Louis. Needless to say it was a very very long drive. We got into town at like 9:30pm CST. Actually it was a pretty nice drive (us 64 West) overall. Not too many trucks. Only problem was the stupid accident in Louisville which set us back an hour. Then when we got into downtown St. Louis we hit traffic again so Auntie Betty had to reroute us through downtown and we ended up driving through the hood to get to U City. But we finally made it and we are both damn tired. Went to Blueberry Hill to get a bite to eat. Apparently that place has a lot of famous people pass though b/c the owner has a picture of everyone famous that he’s met on the walls (and it’s a lot of pics). No Nelly sighting tonight, but maybe tomorrow… it’s time to crash for the evening…


Thinking back on that, the Louisville, Kentucky accident SUCKED.  We weren’t even in the same car (we drove out in our own cars with no one to keep us company in the passenger’s seat).  I was also not used to drives that long, but fought to power through them.  I’m a trooper!  St. Louis is also quite memory lane-ish.  I’ll post the next set of days over the next set of days.  (You see where I’m going with this?)

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