Posted by: liv | January 20, 2010

I Suck at Updating

Holy moly, I really feel like I’m terrible at this “keeping my blog updated” thing and I could blame it on the fact that I am really busy, but in reality, if I spent as much time on this blog as I do on Facebook, I’d be so overly-updated, it’d be disgusting.

Anyways, I really have been busy.  I have a few get-togethers planned with a variety of people in the next couple weeks.  I just watched our San Diego Chargers get bounced out of the Super Bowl running after playing stupidly against the NY Jets.  (and on a side-note, Nick Lachey walked by our tailgate in the parking lot!   It was awesome.)

Nick Lachey! (Wish that pic was with us)

My half-marathon in Carlsbad is finally upon me.  It’s this Sunday.  As some people can tell or read about, SoCal has been experiencing a ton of rain, which has been putting a kink in my final week of training.  I had to fling myself out the apartment last night to go run a couple miles even though there are palm fronds all over the sidewalk.  To add to it, I joined a soccer league and so now I’ll have finally joined a sports league this season!

Whew, I feel pretty busy.  I have a couple free days during February that I can’t wait to see.  I am behind on TV, video games, and books.  I miss them very much.


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