Posted by: liv | January 8, 2010

New Year, New Stuff To Do

Howdy!  I really should be in bed, it’s past midnight!…But I’m not.  I just finished posting some new recipe postings on my recipe site and now I felt I should update this one since I hadn’t in a while and I just want to get caught up before I know I’ll get behind again…

So the rest of my Christmas vacation went nicely.  I came back after a great time seeing family and friends and then spent a relaxing New Year’s Eve with Shawn and my friends, Stacey and Jenny, at my apartment.  We just hung out drinking champagne and watching TV.  Some Rock Band was played too.  Then it was back to business…work, getting back into half marathon training.  My Half Marathon is coming up in a few weeks and a 2-week workout break does not help your cause in any way.  I am slowly getting back to where I need to be, but phew…it is TOUGH.

I got my New Year’s resolutions written again.  Last year, I did a decent job with a few of them.  This year, I may have been a little overzealous, but it’s alright.  I’ll give you the jist of what I have because some things are just for myself…the rest you can know about.


Basically…be super responsible with my money.  Save save save!

Spring Cleaning:

This was kind of an “in every sense of the word(s)” thing.  It means to clean up my life.  Declutter my apartment (oh man, yes, there is some seriously clutter!) and declutter my world of things and (sometimes unfortunately) people that I no longer need in my life.


Oh…these I can give you the specifics…

1-Finish training and complete Carlsbad Half (which will be completed this month!)

2-Maintain running 1-2 times a week

3-Make sure to exercise in ANY capacity 3-4 nights a week


1-Try to keep up with blogs better

2-Work on -my side project that sounds insane and out of left field, but something i really thought about so i’ll do it-  (or in other words…pursue something crazy!

3-Research volunteer opportunities (kids or hospitals?)

4-Be more fashionable (buy a few dressier pieces of clothing)


I’m still figuring out this one.  There are some goals that need to be set.

That’s it.  I think that should really suffice.  If I barely found time to blog, how can I find time to do all that too?  Wish me luck!  And please don’t hesitate to comment if you have advice or suggestions on how I can keep up with my resolutions 🙂


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