Posted by: liv | December 27, 2009

Home for the Holidays

I’ll have to update this post with more pictures later, but I’m having so much fun home in Virginia visiting family and friends!  The Christmas season is my favorite season and to top it off, there was snow here!…Actually some of it melted, but that’s ok.  I still managed to get in a tiny snowman.

Christmas Day came several times as we’ve had pretty rocky schedules involving family arrivals and opening presents.  It’s been great though.  Everyone is spoiled…especially my nephew.  We also saw the movie Sherlock Holmes and thought it was pretty good…or maybe I’m just biased because I already love the main 3 characters already…

I also am getting ready to draft my resolutions this year.  Hopefully I’ll take them seriously.  I kind of did last year…so this year won’t be difficult…will it?


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