Posted by: liv | December 12, 2009

Christmas at My Place

Well we don’t have much, but what we do have is amazing.  Our little Christmas nook.

This year our lovely artificial tree got decked out with the usual lights and garland, the gold baubles I bought a few years back and a few new ornaments of a whimsical nature, including the ones that Shawn and I acquired from our trip to Vancouver, BC and the hand-blown glass one that we acquired in Seattle.  It is our tradition to do our best to acquire ornaments from wherever we travel to.  (At least…from now on, it is).  Shawn also installed that mantel on our fireplace.  We gave it a lot more character, friends are finally realizing that we even HAVE a fireplace.

As for my Christmas shopping, it’s under way.  The funny thing this year is that Shawn has basically finished his shopping before I did and a few years back, that would’ve been unheard of…especially because I do my best to start shopping in October…or at least contemplating gifts.  I maintain that I have just been behind because of my return to SoCal and looking for a job.  This December has been much busier than anticipated and I’m both loving it and exhausted every night.


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