Posted by: liv | November 8, 2009

Reusable Grocery Bags = Awesome

I guess it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle that I figured that using reusable grocery bags was more trendy than I thought.  I remember getting one as a free gift from a 5k race I participated in, but figuring that I’d never use it.  Well I have finally caught on better and now I LOVE using them.  Mine aren’t really that “trendy” like some of the pretty ones I’ve found on the internet, but they’re still very useful.  Now I have 5 (all of which were free from somewhere or another) and I am pretty consistent about using them.  I know that people (myself included still) need plastic bags for, oh let’s say, trash bags for our small trash cans or poop bags for the dogs, but if you grocery shop enough, I think you can gauge when you have enough plastic bags and can start using reusable ones.  I always find that they’re stronger too and i’m able to carry them on my shoulder.  Some stores also give you a 3-5 cent (or points depending on your store) bonus for using them.  Win!  So try it sometime.  At least use one.

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